what is a Twitter directory?

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1. What is a Twitter Directory?

2. How do I use a Twitter Directory?

3. How do I benifit from using a Twitter Directory?

1. A tweeter directory is a classification of twitter users by category, tags or keywords. Have you every tried to do a search on twitter for your keyword and found that many people outside of your nich randomly used that keyword in a sentence. Your goal is to gain a strong follower base of people that either intrest you or your business. By following tweeters that randomly used your specifc keywords you are building a weaker follower base.  You want to find your followers for who they are not what they tweet. You do this by being listed in a tweeter directory and adding tags or keywords to describe who you are what services you offer. Twitter search will only show the most recent tweets with your keyword. Most of your potential followers may not tweet that offten with that combination of your keyword,  but as the directory contines to grow you will be able to always find new followers for your targeted nich  and more than likely less spamers that use rss feeds with random keywords to get new followers.


2. The Twillow.net Twitter Directory is the most easy to use interface for tweeter directory sites. Click here to register using your Twitter account.

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  1. September 1st, 2009 | Mike says:

    I am still trying to figure all this out. I like it so far though I just signed up. Thanks!

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